mountain view in Lake Havasu

When Jon and I got married, exactly one year after the date we met, Jon started travel nursing. This led us on the adventure of a lifetime as we traveled the United States.

We began our journey in early 2020. We started traveling with our two-door Jeep Wrangler, two cats, one hedgehog, and a trailer that held Jon’s motorcycle and a few bags with clothes.

From there, we just kept going. After seeing how beautiful and different each state could be, we became interested in photography so that we could show our friends and family where we were and what we were seeing.

We have now been traveling for a few years, both in the US and abroad.

We have a passion to share our experiences and lifestyle with you and hope that our travels can inspire encouragement, kindness, and love.

Nikki + Jon

couple in the mountains of Lake Havasu City, AZ
Mountains in Lake Havasu City, Arizona