Nikki standing at Moonscape Overlook at sunrise in Utah

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The Best Time to Take Pictures at Moonscape Overlook

If you’re looking to photograph one of the most insane landscapes in Utah you have to take pictures at Moonscape Overlook. You can catch miniature versions of this place driving along the highway to get here. However, you won’t fully glimpse its brilliance unless you come out to the overlook.

So let’s talk about how the lighting throughout the day will affect your pictures here, how to find the best angles and how to get to Moonscape Overlook.

Lighting at Moonscape Overlook


Sunrise (or just before) is the best time to take pictures at Moonscape Overlook. The sun casts the most beautiful glow over the rocks and shows off the craziness of this barren landscape.


While it is still beautiful at this time, if you come to Moonscape Overlook during the day the lighting will be too harsh and flatten out the definition you get at sunrise. 


If you come at sunset, the surrounding mountains will cast a deep shadow through the valley. While you, as the subject, will glow, your background will be very dark.

Nikki standing at Moonscape Overlook at sunrise in Utah
Sunrise at Moonscape Overlook in Utah

Standing in the Famous Photo Spot

If you want to capture a picture with your subject standing in this famous photo spot (shown above), it’s not too difficult. When you walk up to the cliffs, you will see this location very easily. There is a clear walkway down from the cliffs and out to the rock.

As two people who aren’t scared of heights, we had zero trouble making the trek out here. However, we have heard from multiple people that it is a little scary if you have this fear. Just a heads up.

Getting to Moonscape Overlook

Moonscape Overlook is yet another Utah destination that requires driving down a pretty long and very bumpy dirt road. Keep this in mind because Google will tell you that you can get to this spot in a much quicker time than you will… unless you want to damage your car and drive way too fast.

Coordinates of Moonscape Overlook

We are big on sharing coordinates so here is the exact destination to enter into your map; 38.451914, -110.838117

Vehicle Requirements to Make it to Moonscape Overlook

We drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee and had no trouble navigating along the dirt road. However, we did still have to drive very slowly at certain parts. We recommend that you have an off-road vehicle, or at the very minimum, a high-clearance vehicle.

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