Grand Canyon windmills

10 Easy Couple Poses

Whether you are trying to get comfortable in front of the camera or branching out with your poses to add some spice to your photos, having a few go-to and easy couple poses is necessary.

Below we added 10 poses from multiple photo shoots so you can see how they can be altered but still stay true to the main pose. We’ve included sitting and standing poses so you have some variety.

In all of the poses we recommend trying different head positions and facial expressions, along with changing your hand and leg placements. We also recommend taking the pictures from different angles and having outfit changes (at least 3) throughout the shoot. By doing all this, you can create multiple pictures for your feed, post, or anything else all in one shoot!

Some simple tips to incorporate no matter which pose you try are
• Think triangles – See how many triangles you can include by bending your arms and legs. (Try to spot how many triangles are in each photo below!)
• Keep moving – Don’t pick one pose variation and stick to it. Keep changing your facial expressions or body placement
• Don’t be afraid to try something that might feel uncomfortable – If you want to try it, do it! Sometimes those turn out to be the best photos. And if you don’t like it, don’t post it. Easy.

Below are our top 10 easy couple poses.

1. Sit Together and Look at Each Other

For this one you will sit down with one of you in between the legs of the other and look at each other. Everything else can be changed – place your hand on his neck or his arm! Keep one knee bent and the other straight or both bent!

2. Small Dip

Nikki and Jon holding each out at Grand Canyon at Sunset
Nikki and Jon doing a dip at the Grand Canyon

For the Small Dip, we recommend one partner bends their leg and dips back while the other holds the leg up.

The arm placements for the partner being dipped can either be both around the neck, one around the neck while the other is up holding something, or one around the neck while the other hangs down or out.

The other placement you want to think about is your head in this one. Typically, it looks better to have both of your heads closer together but they don’t need to be touching.

3. Sit and Look at Each Other

For this one, simply sit down and face each other with one partners legs over the others. We’ve found that one of the most important things to pay attention to in this one is your posture. If it is too stooped it looks lazy, while if it’s completely straight it looks forced and rigid.

Try just having fun! And again, move your heads around to touch forwards or noses, and move your hands and arms.

4. Kiss on the Neck

Nikki and Jon at Grand Canyon National Park

As easy as it sounds, you just have one partner kiss the other on the neck. This can be done sitting, standing, or even leaning against something. So there’s lots of room for interpretation here.

Try some of the following:
• Turn your head to the side while being kissed
• Throw your head back and smile while being kissed
• Sit down and soft smile with your head leaned to one side while being kissed
• Have your partner pick you up while kissing your neck

5. Look out at the Scenery

Nikki and Jon overlooking Grand Canyon National Park
Nikki and Jon
mountain view in Lake Havasu

If you are somewhere beautiful, take some pictures with you looking at it! We recommend you try it in these three ways:
1. Sit together and admire the view
2. Stand and hold hands while looking in opposite directions
3. Hold hands and pretend like you are walking into the view

6. Airplane Arms

Grand Canyon windmills

For this one you have your partner stand behind you and grab your hands. Then, have your partner just move them around while you shoot in burst mode to get pictures with lots of different arm placements.

The key here is moving. Don’t just hold one position since you might not like how it looks in the picture. Keep trying different angles and head placements to really capture a great airplane shot.

7. Touch Foreheads

Touching foreheads is basically my go-to. No matter what position my body is in, I love how this looks. It’s romantic and makes the photo really focus on you and your partner.

8. Laugh

Yes it’s uncomfortable to force laughing in the moment but it’s worth it! I love all the pictures of Jon and I laughing whether it’s forced or genuine.

The great thing about this one is that it’s not too important what position your body is in as long as you and your partner are touching in some way. You can face each other or stand with one of you behind the other. And of course sitting always works too.

Try out any of the poses on this page but incorporate some laughter into them!

9. Kiss the Shoulder

Grand canyon elopement photos - Travel Nurse's Wife

This is definitely the more romantic and serious of all the poses in my opinion. We like to take these especially when doing bridal shoots to really spice up the fun pictures.

This pose can easily be done sitting or standing so play around with it!

10. Show off the Background

Depending on your camera skills or if you have a photographer, this is a fun one to really be different from all the poses above. Just do a simple pose with space in between you and your partner so the camera can focus on the beautiful background.

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