Jon and Nikki walking toward Monument Valley from Forrest Gump Point

The Best Time to Take Pictures at Forrest Gump Point​​

Forrest Gump Point (also Forrest Gump Hill) is right outside Monument Valley and the whole area is vibrant and unique. We were lucky to have cloud coverage while we were here so we didn’t have to deal with harsh direct light. However, for those with clear skies, we want to share the best time to take pictures at Forrest Gump Point below!

On our road trip, Jon and I got to visit Monument Valley and Forrest Gump Point in less than 24 hours so we needed to make sure we were getting pictures in the best lighting possible.

At Forrest Gump Point there is only one time when the lighting will work – sunrise.

If you come during the day, the light will be too harsh causing tough shadows and losing the vibrant colors; if you come at sunset, your pictures will be too backlit.

Be careful when you are here. Even in the morning there are cars that come speeding around the corner just up ahead. Our time involved running into and out of the street for about an hour to get the perfect shot.

The video below shows the lighting at sunrise.

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We only spent one night here so we could drive along the Monument Valley Scenic Loop and check out some other famous locations. We recommend saving yourself three hours to drive around the loop so you have time to pull over and admire the landscape. The road is not paved and can be a little rough in some parts, but most cars should be able to drive along it with no issues.

Note: Monument Valley is not considered a National Park since it is on the Navajo Nation Reservation. The entrance fee is $20 per car and to really explore the park beyond the scenic drive, you must schedule a tour.

Jon and Nikki walking toward Monument Valley from Forrest Gump Point
Forrest Gump Point (outside of the park)
Left Mitten Butte on scenic drive

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