Buckskin Gulch Dispersed Campsite for Car Camping with our Luno Car Air Mattress near The Wave

Is the Luno Car Air Mattress Best for Car Camping?

The Luno Car Air Mattress is rising in popularity for those looking to comfortably car camp. But is it worth it?

As fans of car camping, we originally started by sleeping in the back of our Jeep with the seats down – no air mattress, no sleeping bag, just some pillows and blankets. And let me tell you, it was not great. The back of a car is hard no matter how many blankets you stack on it and I probably slept on and off for 3 hours each night because of it. We saved a ton of money on hotels and Airbnbs but boy was it rough.

Luckily for us, we won a Luno Car Air Mattress in a giveaway and we immediately put it to the test by scheduling a trip to Saguaro National Park in Tucson, Arizona.

Don’t want to read? Watch our setup and hear my recommendation in this video!

Luno Car Air Mattress Overview

Luno boasts that their Air Mattress will be customized to fit your car, sleeps two people comfortably, blows up in minutes, and is highly durable. It comes at a hefty price of $329.99 (as of July 2023) so we wanted to make sure that it was worth the cost before recommending it. Here are the main points Luno advertises on their website.

Vehicle Compatibility

These air mattresses fit 1,800 different vehicles. From what we’ve seen they are primarily for SUVs, hatchbacks, trucks, vans, crossovers and compact SUVs. 

When you buy, you will select the make, model and year of your car to ensure it will fit. However, they do have a form on their website that you can fill out if the don’t have one for your car yet. They will either suggest a mattress they currently have that will fit your vehicle or notify you when they have one specifically for your vehicle.


Each air mattress comes with two sides and each side of the air mattress needs to be blown up separately. This means you can decide how firm you want each side to be – a big win for those who like different levels. This also means you can fold one un-inflated side underneath to have extra room in the back of your vehicle if needed.

The inflatable mattress blows up to be 4 inches thick and can sleep two people up to 6’2″ tall.

What Your Luno Air Mattress Comes With 

Your Air Mattress come with two Base Extenders (to go on the floor in-between the front seats and back seats), an air pump that plugs into your car, a repair patch kit, and a carrying case.
The base extenders can add up to 12 extra inches of space and in our car, they actually raise up the mattress where we put our heads so we barely need pillows!


One aspect that sets Luno apart is the durability of their air mattress. They are made of 300-denier fabric which is difficult to pop or scratch. You can even have your animals on it without fear! Plus, they offer a one year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.

Luno Air Mattress Review

If you enjoy roadtripping (or want to start), don’t want to spend your entire budget on places to sleep, and aren’t a fan of sleeping in a tent on the ground, Luno is for you! It is the best option for car camping and we highly recommend it.

We don’t tent camp or car camp without our mattress anymore. Honestly, we try not to book anywhere to stay unless we are traveling for more than 5 days and need a break from sleeping in our car.

The comfortability, ease of use, and durability really make the Luno Car Air Mattress stand out. Plus it comes with a one year warranty just in case you experience any issues.


  • It’s comfortable. It blows up to 4″ thick and is surprisingly cozy.
  • It’s convenient. The air mattress and the two base extenders (included in your purchase) blow up in under five minutes.
  • It’s easy to store. We keep our mattress and all its parts in our car because it takes up virtually no space at all.
  • It’s durable. Their website says it can stand up to pets, wood chips, and more.


  • It’s expensive. At $329.99 (as of July 2023), it’s pretty pricey.

Car Camping with Your Luno Air Mattress

This is how we have found car camping to be the most comfortable for us and wanted to share it!

  • Find a way to easily organize what you are bringing.
    We find that bags don’t work as well because your items are in layers and get jumbled. We bring a laundry basket for our clothes so we can grab them easily and throw them back in easily.

  • Bring a bag for dirty clothes.

  • Bring an animal-safe cooler for food.

    You may not be car camping somewhere there’s bears but you probably don’t want any animals sniffing around your spot. 
  • Use a roof rack. 

    We love our roof rack because it allows us to store most of our belongings on top of our car when we need to sleep. 

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