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The 15 Best Travel Instagram Accounts in 2023

There are plenty of Instagram travel accounts out there. You probably follow a few already. And while there are lists of the biggest travel accounts, we wanted to share our favorite travel instagram accounts in 2023.

All of these accounts are actively engaged with their community, post multiple times per week, and post valuable content – not just trends.

We hope you’ll check out and support these creators! And don’t forget to follow our page too 🙂

1. @theloverspassport

@theloverspassport Instagram ProfileGiselle and Stephen share their adventure travel guides and tips for traveling around the world.

The are open about the journey becoming content creators and in addition to travel itineraries, they share photography tips, behind the scenes of budget travel planning and so much more.

We love the way they occasionally post trends and relate them directly to their niche and how they show their sense of humor on their page.

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2. @oceanus_adventure

@oceanus_adventure Instagram ProfileKerry and Dave focus on adventure travel primarily in Canada. And let me tell you… we have never wanted to visit Canada more than after finding their page.

They show off beautiful viewpoints, spectacular hikes and their favorite places to camp/places to book if camping may not be the best option.

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3. @reneeroaming

@reneeroaming Instagram ProfileRenee is a solo world traveler who posts about the dreamiest places.  

While her reels are incredibly helpful to plan trips, it’s her photos that caught our eye. They are expertly shot and edited and make us want to transport to their location immediately.

We have saved tons of her content for future trips and trust me, you’ll want to as well!

Follow @reneeroaming here.

4. Instagram ProfileMaddie is hands-down the most authentic and genuine person we’ve come across on Instagram. Her personality shines through her content and her stories.

She is a solo world traveler who shares about the realities of travel; the good, bad, and ugly. You see it all and get real reviews.

Because she is so open and honest we trust her insight and have reached out to her about places and countries multiple times.

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5. @borntotraveldiaries

@borntotraveldiaries Instagram ProfileDominika and Valerio travel around Europe and Asia together and share the most beautiful spots. From their favorite hotels, to hidden gems, to itineraries for different countries, they’ve got it all.

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6. @herjoliejourney

@herjoliejourney Instagram ProfileWe love Anissa’s personality and photography on her page. And while we love her posts it was actually her stories that caught our eye.

Her stories have beautiful pictures and videos in them and when we were looking for things to do in Arizona, hers popped up! We’re so grateful they did and we’ve been following her adventures every since.

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7. @angelaliggs

@angelaliggs Instagram ProfileAngela is one of the biggest travel influencers we follow and she’s huge for a reason. Her content shows off the most beautiful places in Canada, Iceland, Mexico and more.

We love that her photo and videos focus primarily on the scenery but it’s still easy to spot her in them.

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8. @sophie.explores

@sophie.explores Instagram ProfileYou will move California to the top of your bucket list once you see Sophie’s content. She is a wonderful photographer who shows off Northern California and also gives tips for aspiring photographers as well!

While California may be her primary state, she also shares when she road trips to different states. We have saved a crazy amount of her posts so we can make sure we don’t miss any spots she recommends.

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9. @champitravels

@champitravels Instagram ProfileWe personally LOVEEEE when we feel like we know the influencer behind the camera and this is the case with Champi. She shares travel tips for your time in Mexico and focuses primarily on Mindful travel (another thing we love).

Her posts show off Mexico while reminding you to slow down and  enjoy the moment. It’s a nice change of pace from feeling like we need to travel constantly to see it all.

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10. @theyellowjacketgirl

@theyellowjacketgirl Instagram ProfileHaley’s Instagram is beautifully themed and will make you want to book a flight immediately to the PNW.

I wanted to go to Oregon and Washington before finding Haley’s page but it has been moved up the bucket list because of her.

This is another account where we save every other post so you won’t want to miss her content!

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11. @danielisetravel

@danielisetravel Instagram ProfileWe found Dani through her Utah content and followed immediately. She shares amazing hikes and views from her road trip in the American Southwest.

We love that she always provides a ton of value in her captions and that her videos show off the gorgeous landscapes of this area.

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12. @our.traveltreats

@our.traveltreats Instagram ProfileWe follow Laura and Patrik to see the beauty of Europe (and Morocco) and find out where we hope to go in each country

They share lots of beautiful drone videos and tons of value. We love that they share each series at a time so all their Italy videos are grouped together, same with their Moroccan videos, etc.

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13. @yakeandmarie

@yakeandmarie Instagram ProfileJake and Marie share primarily about Vancouver BC – hikes, camping spots, parks, and more.

Their pictures are stunning and their videos are always relaxing and inspiring. They have one of the best pages about Canada we’ve found yet!

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14. @finding.jules

@finding.jules Instagram ProfileWe love Jules’ travel content but she also posts occasionally about decorating her house and we’re into that too. It’s nice to see an account that has some variation in posts – both of which we love.

Her posts are primarily about her travels, sometimes within the US, across Europe and through Asia. We love her bright and airy edits and are fans of her stories too!

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15. @yourmatiekatie

@yourmatiekatie Instagram ProfileKatie is unapologetically herself and that is the main selling point of her page. But on top of that, she is a Canadian influencer who inspires you to get outside and have fun.

We love that her videos are obviously filmed and edited well but they don’t feel rehearsed. 

She shares her favorite products for living your best outdoor life and her posts are always full of positivity and encouragement.

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