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How To Use Threads As A Travel Creator

Threads has been all the rage since its launch on July 5, 2023 and many are scrambling to figure out how to use it as an extension of Instagram. Since it was created by Meta, you can easily join with your Instagram account and even follow everyone you already follow on Insta. 

Think of Threads as a new version of Twitter with fewer features but more positive conversation. But don’t worry, those features are coming (hopefully soon)!

So now that you’ve joined Threads, how do you use it as a Travel Creator?

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1. Share Horizontal Photos

This is the factor I am most excited about. Instagram has all but denounced horizontal photos so I am loving the fact that on Threads you can share any size – and this includes photos of all different orientations and sizes in ONE post. Game changer.


2. Let Those Thoughts Fly and Don't Worry About a Photo

It is refreshing to share what you want and not have to have a great photo or video to go along with it. Instagram is a highly visual app and for Travel Creators so it’s incredibly important to be conscious about the places you are showing off. 

On Threads you can just write something and post it. Talk about EASY!

Share your current thoughts related to your niche or maybe decide you want to give your followers a completely different perspective into your life! It’s up to you and on Threads you don’t need to look presentable for the camera.

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3. Hold Off on Travel Content You Want Others to Save for Later

As I mentioned above, Threads is currently missing many features. One of those is a save button. So if you’re putting valuable content on there, such as itineraries, your followers don’t have a way to save it for later.

I recommend you continue sharing your valuable travel tips on Instagram and find other things to share on Threads for now. Wait for those features to come to give your audience the best value.


4. Ask Questions

Meta put in their press release, “Threads is a new app, built by the Instagram team, for sharing text updates and joining public conversations.”

This means the app wants you to create conversations with others. So ask questions that people want to respond to! And on the flip side, read through the Threads that are doing well and get involved there.

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5. DON'T Post Links to Your Instagram Content

It may seem like common sense to promote your Travel Instagram page on your linked Threads account but don’t. There’s been lots of creators borderline snubbing those who are using this new account to do just that. 

The trend in the travel community (so far) has been using this new social platform to share the behind the scenes pictures, videos, and thoughts that just don’t really fit on Instagram.

We’ve seen Travel Creators post the same photo carousel on Threads that they posted on Instagram and that has been well-received. But sharing the link so they go to Instagram is a no go.

Don’t forget to follow on threads and let us know how you plan to use it for your own travel account!